Specialty Services


Margarita Machine

Rates Start at $150

Varies dependent on distance

Specialty Bar Options

Mimosa Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Margarita Bar

Lemonade Bar

Hydration Station 

(Infused Water, Flavored Teas and Lemonades)

Ice Delivery

Our minimum orders begin at 200 pounds. 

Distance is normally what determines the minimum.

Great for Events!

Perfect for drink glasses or icing down food, soda, or beer cans in your favorite ice chest.

Manufactured by Reddy Ice with reverse osmosis purified water.

This is the best ice in Texas.

*Minimum order of 200 lbs for Delivery

Coffee Bar

Regular and Decaf Coffees

Flavored Syrups


Sugar and Sugar Alternative


Paper Cups w/ Sleeves*

*Coffee Mugs Available at an additional charge